Collection: Wizards Adventure School Supplies

Welcome to the School of Magic

Escape into a magical world for an hour-long experience like no other that will have you using your magical knowledge and your puzzling brains to solve clues and lead you to what you are looking for, with rewards along the way
This is a magical adventure that will have you exploring the nooks of Samford Village as you race against time to complete your challenge.  A magical device containing everything you need to win the day and overcome any obstacles you might encounter will help lead you to clues and maps where you must solve puzzles before you can continue on your way.

Congratulations on being accepted into our wonderful school of magic!
Before the train departs in one hour, you need to purchase everything on your school list.  To do this you must visit each location as chosen by the schools headmistress, Professor Dorothea Lynch.  You will be provided with a map of the village, a school list containing six items and a magical device that will help you.  Please ensure you purchase EVERYTHING on your list, to miss an item may result in expulsion.


This easy interactive magical experience is aimed at younger wizards or older folk that are feeling the effects of a befuddling charm and therefore the ideal player age is up to 12 years. 

School Supplies is a great way to ease oneself into this interactive magical experience and is suitable for 2-6 players. 

One player must be an adult aged 16 or older.