Collection: Wizards Adventure: Owl Tasker

Introducing: The Owl Tasker

Samford Store is proud to present Wizards Adventure - OWL TASKER.  

Escape into a magical world for a hour-long experience like no other that will have you using your magical knowledge and puzzling brains to solve clues and lead you to what you are looking for, with rewards along the way.  

This is a magical adventure that will have you exploring the nooks of Samford Village as you race against time to complete your challenge.  A magical device containing everything you need to win the day and overcome any obstacles you might encounter will help lead you to clues and maps where you must solve puzzles before you can continue on your way.


Something went terribly wrong while travelling and you now find yourself in Samford Village with no money and no way to return home!  If you're clever enough you might just be able to earn enough coins to purchase the use of a teleportation device that is leaving in exactly one hour. Use the Owl Tasker App and get paid for magical jobs posted by wizards and witches all over town.  A little bit of strategy, teamwork and smarts will go a long way in this adventure which is like no other!

Suitable for single players or for teams up to 6